Our working methods

With many years of international IT recruitment experience Ardekay knows the requirements of companies and understand candidates’ wishes. Through our expert knowledge we provide the interface between companies and candidates and set up personal meetings between both parties. This way you will get to know the company better and in turn we are able to deepen our understanding of your preferences ultimately resulting in the perfect job opportunity for you.

Step 1: Register as a candidate at Ardekay

Once your registration is done you can create your profile including important information regarding your professional career path. It is important to update your profile regularly with your competencies, skills and professional knowledge so our consultants are able to offer you  the opportunities tailored to your specific skills. Once you have created your personal profile it is easy to apply yourself to our job offers as well.

Step 2: Your consultant at Ardekay

Our consultants are trained and specialized in one segment of the IT branch. This way we can ensure that you will get a specialized high quality advice from our consultants. Once you have applied to a vacancy, one of our consultants will contact you. If you have any question about a job offered by Ardekay, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to answer all your questions.

Step 3: Advice

Once you have applied for a job at Ardekay one of our consultants will get in touch with you, to get an overview of your experience, skills and competencies and to get to know you on a personal level. Based on this information the consultant will start searching for your next career opportunity. We will constantly search for jobs and introduce you and your profile to companies in -and outside of our network. At the same time we will always treat your wishes with respect and do not contact companies that you do not want to work for.

Step 4: Your application

If a company is interested in your profile you will receive an invitation for a job interview to present yourself and to get to know the company. After that a second or third interview can follow till both parties are completely convinced that the perfect match has been found. Our consultant will support you throughout the whole process from your first interview to successfully negotiating the terms of your contract.

Step 5: Congratulation!

Congratulations you have found a new job with Ardekay and you will soon start your next career step! Our consultant will be in touch with you after a few weeks to see how your first weeks are going to ensure you are happy with your career choice.