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Curious about what others say about Ardekay IT Recruitment? About our Recruitment Consultants or about our approach? You can read reviews from our candidates and clients here. We’d also be delighted to hear your feedback on what you liked about our services. Or about what we could improve. If you’d like to share your opinion, please write a review and email it to info@ardekay.com.

Brend reviews Davit Seng

I highly recommend Davit Seng as a recruiter. I had the opportunity to work with him. He is excellent at reading your skills and personality attributes and finding the perfect fit. He is thorough in communicating the needs of his client groups to the recruiter and setting expectations on both sides of the aisle. He is a true leader and team player with an abundance of knowledge and moreover a keen willingness to share his knowledge with those he works with. His preparation and screening abilities are excellent which help create the win-win in the end for all parties involved. He is not afraid to deliver difficult messages, and negotiate situations for candidate and company. Davit is a dedicated and focused individual who shows determination in doing the best job possible. 

Davit has always given me value-added assistance in all that was asked of him, and I give him my highest recommendation.

Lars reviews Davit Seng

Davit got me a new job within 3 weeks! Very friendly person and good at what he does.

Marcel reviews Davit Seng

I was pleasantly surprised by Davit's personal and professional approach. As other recommendation already mention, he is excellent in reading professional skills and personal attributes and finding the perfect fit.

Damian reviews Davit Seng

Very nice and helpful person. He helps me a lot, certainly can get my full recommendation.

Robert reviews Davit Seng

I usually don’t do agencies, but Davit strived. To be different, he gets results. In a few short weeks he had amazing turnaround results. He doesn’t treat you as a number but as an actual person. Looking for a career? He’s definately the guy for you!

Bram reviews Tim Wissink

I explained Tim what I was looking for in a job and he quickly found fitting job opportunities and explained them to me. Tim also gave me an idea of the demand for my profile for the kind of job I was looking for. He explained what I could expect from each interview, provided information about how I could prepare myself and gave plenty of advice. Tim immediately arranged interviews with three employers and I was hired by one of them.

Yi Xun reviews Richard Berwald

Strong and straight forward communication. Linked me with matching companies.
A recommendation for IT.

Richard reviews Tim Wissink

Tim is certainly one of the better recruiters I’ve come across. He is very communicative, friendly and responsive. A good person to work with.

Scott reviews Donna van Kuijk

It was a pleasure working with Donna. Since the first moment she was very communicative and professional about every opportunity, and because her determination and diligence, now I have a job. Many thanks and excellent work. I’m very satisfied with the service provided by Ardekay and I will recommend it without a doubt. They are the best recruitment company that I’ve ever seen before.

Carlo reviews Jaap Jan Lammers

Jaap Jan have made an excellent job to find a position for me. He’s very reliable and responsible. He always took care about everything. I’m very happy for the help he provided! He was able to find a job for me in a couple of weeks.


David reviews Richard Berwald

Richard is very dedicated and commited to reaching the result. Very inspirational to work with him. He has the persistance to succeed. Highly recommended to all others.

Martijn reviews Michael Adriaans

I would like to express my appreciation for the assistance & support I received from Michael. Within two weeks after Michael offered to be my agent, he made a suggestion that ultimately translated into the appointment of my first job. Michael keeps his word when it comes to looking for positions with your best interests in mind. He is diligent, friendly &…

Ron reviews Michael Adriaans

Michael was incredibly helpful in landing me my new job. He guided me through the entire process and frequently kept me up to date on progress and found me the job I was looking for. Michael is professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and a pleasure to work with.

Miklos reviews Wouter Ooms

Wouter is a very enthusiastic and motivating person. During our cooperation he did more than the expected and he was all the time well prepared. He helped me a lot.

Sébastien reviews Wander Amorim

“Working with Wander really convinced me of the power of good recruiters. On both sides of the table he asks the right questions to make sure all parties involved are on the same page. His approach is very clear and structured and I’ve come to know him as a very genuine and honest business partner.”

Panagiotis reviews Wander Amorim

“Wander has been a real helpful recruiter over the procedure of job hunting. He has presented professionalism, punctual with every time related issue and of course he striked a great deal between me and my employer. I hope he proves himself useful to many more future candidates, as he is vary capable on this field!”

Wouter reviews Wander Amorim

“Wander – the polite recruiter he is – delivers on his promise. When I was looking for a new job Wander promised me he would get me the coolest job et voila no lie! Here we are. Every day in the new job has been great doing what I love most: designing interfaces and user experiences, building websites and discussing the why’s and how’s.”

Geraldo reviews Simon Becker

“Simon is a very considerate and courteous professional. He helped me during my last interview, always providing all the information that I needed and guiding me along the process. ”

Juan reviews Astrid Otten

“Astrid proved to be a very effective recruiter. Only a couple of days after our first conversation she had already scheduled several job interviews, it was impressing. I already signed a contract with one of those companies, so I definitely need to thank Astrid for the role she played”

Navid reviews Astrid Otten

“Astrid is a really good recruiter, after i registered myself at Ardekay as front-end developer she contacted me directly to find a new position. She is a truly honest and professional recruiter that only want to find a great job for you. Usually i don’t like the way recruiters are working but working with Astrid was really nice and i highly recommend her as a recruiter if you looking for a new job as IT specialist.”

Tom reviews Astrid Otten

I found my nice new job very quickly with Astrid pretty much managing everything for me. Pleasure to work with!